Welcome to LFMC!
 Lamar Family Ministries Center

LFMC is a family of believers who stand on the Word of God. We don’t fit into the box of what some would call “religion”. We believe our existence is established by connecting with the Father, as sons and daughters in His Kingdom. It’s a relational journey which requires us to learn to connect directly to Him. 

We believe in the importance of community.We are built to live and thrive in community and fellowship with other believers. As with the early church, they grew, supported and prayed together and we practice the same fundamentals.  

We have a transformative culture that focuses on healing, restoring, and calling each believer into their God given destinies. Which in turn, transforms lives’, communities and nations.  

We are a training ground for the Body of Christ by equipping disciples through the understanding of the Word and alignment of lives with God’s plans through obedience and surrender. Influencing not only individuals but nations, as the Body of Christ, we are meant to be expansive, like salt, water, light, or leaven.