Allisonīs Testimony

So I need to share something awesome that happened to me. I have typed it out so that I do not forget any of the details.

Before I start please realize I am only sharing this because I feel like someone needs to know that God is real, just as I was needing to know before this event occurred. I am in no way asking for a pat on the back or boasting. Just telling the facts as they happened so an outsider can see the entire story.

This started on Tuesday, March 29th. I was struggling with the idea of paying my tithe because as a single mom life is pretty hard and money is not easy to come by. So I logged on to the internet at work and began to listen to some of the sermons on the website from Bob and Julie while I worked instead of listening to my usual music. As I listened things began to happen. I felt that I had to pay my tithe and I also felt that if I did not pay it that night that I would have problems paying it because of the devil and he would try to talk me out of it before the next Sunday. So I stopped working and wrote out my tithe check. Then I felt I had to give it to someone that night to ensure that I would not be talked out of it by Satan.

I got off work on Tuesday and my gas light came on. How annoying, I thought. I pulled in to a gas station in Joplin before I left town. As I pulled in this big scary looking guy in a beat up old clunker pulled in at the tank I was on but on the other side. I will admit that at first he scared me. Then I thought, no you’re supposed to love everyone. So I dismissed the thought of fear and went in to pay for my gas before I pumped it. The man was in front of me in line and I felt that I should pay $10 in gas for him but by the time I went to act on it he had walked out. I thought, darn it a missed opportunity but then dismissed it. I paid $20 for gas, leaving me $20 in my wallet. I went out and began to pump my gas. As I was finishing I felt again this draw to give the man money only this time it was the $20 I had left in my wallet. I argued a bit with God in my mind. That is all I have God, what if my kids need something tonight. I dismissed that thought though knowing it was the devil trying to sneak in. I then finished pumping the gas and reached in to my wallet and pulled out the $20. I walked over and touched the man’s shoulder and said Sir, God told me to give this to you and tell you he loves you. God Bless You. I then got in my car and drove away. The whole time praying for God to bless that man and bless that money.

So Tuesday night at prayer I had some internal things I was struggling with. I hear Pastor Bob all the time say can you feel that church, when something is being prayed about and I rarely feel anything. So I was beginning to have doubts, which I know are of the devil. Anyway so as Pastor Bob prayed for everything, I began my own silent prayer calling out to God. I said God I need to know you are real. I need to feel you. Why can I not feel you like everyone else seems to be able to? What am I doing that is keeping that from me? Over and over I prayed for God to give me a sign he is real. Then I prayed for him to have Pastor Bob reach out and put his hand on my shoulder or my arm as he walked by to let me know God heard me. Well that did not happen. Anyway after prayer on Tuesday I went to Marilyn and explained that I had this tithe check but I had to give it to someone because I already felt the devil trying to talk me out of it. So she took it and prayed with me over it.

As I left church that night Pastor Bob was walking in and I was walking out and he reached over and hugged me. Now I know there are no coincidences with god in my Spirit but my fleshly mind always goes to that “oh that was just a coincidence” statement when things happen. So although minutes before I had asked for God to have Pastor Bob put his hand on me to know God is real, I brushed it off as a sheer coincidence when he hugged me.

Wednesday was rough at work, I wanted to just stay home from Bible Study. I fought and fought with myself to even drag myself in to Bible Study but I was faithful and I came. After Bible Study Robin walked over and said Allison I have something to tell you.

Robin goes on to tell me that she received a word for me from God while we were praying. God wanted me to know he sees me, he loves me, he hears my prayers and he is so proud of how I am seeking him. Once again, Doubting Thomas here, I thought well that is because Robin sees me coming to church every time I possibly can so she thinks I need encouragement.

Robin continues to tell me that she has to tell me a story. She says that on Wednesday she was getting gas and someone pulled up that knew who she was. They wanted to pay for her gas but she said she had already paid for $10 worth of gas. They gave her $20 anyway. So as she drove off she felt like she was supposed to give it to someone. She was not sure who though. Then she felt as though God told her he would tell her who to give it to at Bible Study that night. She then hands me $20.

Let me tell you I was floored!!!!! I then shared with Robin what had happened just the day before when I gave that $20 to that man at the gas station and how I had cried out to God on Tuesday night to show me he was real and though he tried to show me from Pastor Bob, that I still was doubtful and he had obviously felt that he needed to show me in literal terms that he heard me, saw me and loved me.

The blessing even continued after that because Robin said I was supposed to reward myself with that money. She shared that she knows as single moms sometimes we put stuff we want as rewards on hold to pay a bill or provide something for our children so she wanted to tell me I was supposed to reward myself with it but that I needed to do whatever God wanted and not just what she said. =) Gotta love her!

So as I leave church, I have Bryant my middle child with me. I sit in the parking lot sharing this story with him in tears of amazement. Mik had asked to walk home and she was with friends and it was not far so I allowed her. Caden had not come with us to church as he was at a friend’s house. I later shared the story with both of them. However, Bryant said Mom let’s go to Wal-Mart and you will reward yourself with that money. As I pulled in to Wal-Mart I realized that God had designed it just perfectly so that I would be with Bryant only when this occurred. The reason I say that is because Caden and Mik are great kids but they can always think of what I should spend money on other than something for myself. Not that they are selfish but they are kids. Bryant however has always only asked for what he absolutely has to have and has always been very understanding of our financial situation and never makes me feel guilty if I cannot provide something for him. So God knows his heart and knew that if I was with Bryant that Bryant would make sure I did what I was told and rewarded myself. The other kids would had needed or wanted something and as a mom I always put my kids first so without feeling bad I would have just done for them and not myself.

Bryant even guided me in my purchase. I almost bought a purse but he felt I should look at other things and only buy it if I was sure because he said he knew if I bought it I would end up giving it to Mik if she liked it. He is so very smart!!!!! So I bought myself a candy bar and some comfy pants that I can wear during bible study and prayer at church.

I just wanted to share with you all how this awesome wonderful amazing God took the time out to make sure little old me knew he was real with even just a $20 dollar bill. If you have anyone coming to you wondering how they know God is real please share my story with them. It confirmed it for me.





Allison Jungmann


great testimony :)
Cassey Webb
WOW!! Allison, thanks for sharing, as I attended Connect on March the 2nd, with full intentions on starting my faithful journey to get back into the Lord's army, and Family, I left that night with full intentions of never missing another Sunday, and my husband, and I have for sure picked Lamar Family Ministries to be our permanent home, however since my health has been failing one thing after the other, and I too have been struggling with the scary thought of how I am going to pay our tithe, because although I am not a single mother, my husband is the only one able to provide in our home right now, and this gave me comfort!! Thank You!! P.S. I thought the devil had attacked and kept us away, because we were unable to attend this Sunday, by throwing us into some extreme tragic situations right after we walked out those doors Saturday night, 1 is family things, that I don't want to announce on here, but with a family member that has no relationship with God, and the other is public knowledge, 3 young people were killed in a horrific car accident with alcohol involved, and 2 of them were people that I was very close too, so I felt such despair, but then it was as if the lord spoke to me, because I was able to pray the blood of Jesus over all effected in both situations, so I was doing work for the Lord, so Devil, you tried to win by keeping me out of church again, but you lose because I have been praying and asking God for strength all day for these people, so I felt as if I were doing what he would have wanted for all these people suffering, and I gave money to help!! Praise God!! Sorry may have been a little off subject, but it just led me to these thoughts by reading your testimony..Thank You!! And God's people said AMEN!!!
Kim Delgado
God is awesome in how he works even in the small details of our life. Even if we do not realize it at the time. I have been also struggling with tithes and have commited to paying the church as soon as I obtained a job since loosing my employment shortly after joining your church. It is a blessing to know that God has people in your congregation willing to follow the will of God and the lessons we can learn from each other along the way
Your atrilce perfectly shows what I needed to know, thanks!
Back in school, I'm doing so much larening.
Such a deep ansewr! GD&RVVF
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