Resurrection Power Series, Part 1
Delivered By
Pastor Daryl Boucher
Delivered On
May 17, 2015 at 5:00 PM
Resurrection Power

Unknown territory right now for the word that God is bringing. Tonight is more prophetic based than teaching based. The prophetic word will challenge us enough to need comforted. If we "dumb down" prophetic words, we are actually castrating the word. We need to submit. Agreement doesn't mean you grow. Submission makes you grow. Better to be uncomfortable and growing than comfortable and not growing.

Boldness - not about Paul's courage - but that what God wanted would be made manifest.

We will be talking about resurrection power through these sessions.

Acts 1:2-3 Teaching them for 40 days represented that there needs to be a generation living in that resurrection power before He comes back. He was totally free from the laws of this world.

The next 3 weeks will change history! Not just about teaching, meeting, Daryl, etc... Daryl just gets to be a part of it. Mark this day! From this point on, everything changes. Something happening in the atmosphere! Vision - LFMC - row of angels on west wall. Harvesting angels. Large. Taller than the wall. Hunched over. Lion-like features. Leather-bronze skin. Jet black eyes. Jet black, feather-like hair. Talons for fingers. Huge, lion-like teth. Can hear them breathing, very gutteral, like football player hype. Something is about to change. 

Genesis 28:10-16 Apprehend he who apprehended me - step up when spirit has sped up.

It's here. We need to pay attention and cooperate.

John 1:47-51 From now on, angelic supply from heaven to earth.

In the New Testament, angels are mentioned twice as much as in the Old Testament. Has alrady been commissioned. All are ministering spirits for us.

One angel in one night killed 185,000 men in the Old Testament.

Need to stop making it about our faith, but about Him. Not in our ability to believe.

Matthew 13:24-35 Secrets from foundations of the world. Mysteries appointed for today. Am I tuning in? Eyes to see, ears to hear? Vs. 36-43 Tares carry fungus and tie themselves to good wheat in the base. Angels take care of these things. Men operate from a position of need instead of supply. We produce more need and fear. God does it perfect. (Like killing cancer cells...when we try to do it, we kill good cells along with bad.) Tare can be poisonous. Can be hallucinogetic. Produce lawlessness. If we respond out of fear and need, we will cause more damage than good. Will be taken care of by reaping angels.

What we're entering into right now - things that have divided the church will be pulled out.

Harvest is a season.

1 Corinthians 10:11 We're here, at the end of the age. Now! Recognize the age we live in and cooperate with it. Don't want to miss it, like many did when Jesus came. Opereate in something that is higher than we currently understand.

Psalm 103:20 We carry the voice of His word, the angels do it. Angels are not my slaves. They work based on His word.

Malachi 3 Lord of hosts = angelic armies. Platoon of harvesting angels. Waiting for US! Goal is for sons of Kingdom to shine as bright as the sun!

The glory of God is restrained for our benefit more than anything else. Example: Ananias and Sapphira. They walked in to the glory with an impure heart. 

Pure vessel - so I can handle more. Now! Not tomorrow, not next week. Don't wait for it to look like something, feel like something, or to get goosebumps. You'll miss it.

Sword this day. Will bring blood. Remove cancerous things. Ripping open. Tearing, tearing, tearing. Not to be feared. Some to remove things from those that are righteous, will be an end for others. Painful. Soul ties. Hebrews 12:25. We allow the voice of heaven to speak into us and shake away all those temporal things. The Lord will put an end to those things that suck value out of us. Bob saw it in the form of a bat and God is gutting it. Very violent. Don't hold on to it. Let God have it. 

Always a transition between levels. That's where most people miss it. Like the ark. Vehicle of transition that God wants us to build. Our soul doesn't like change. You can't be in the next step and your sould remain the same. Building process allows our soul to line up with the things of God. The cross is a transition. Jesus was the only one "on" the cross, but all the disciples went "through" the cross. How emotional was it for them? They had to walk through it in order to get to resurrection power. The life He designed for me cost His very blood. What should it look like? I need to walk in the value of it to honor Him.

Isaiah 60:1-3 Get up! Have to get up before you can shine. Living sacrifice. Romans 12 - getting there myself. Sign up! Quit belly-aching and just choose it!

NO CONTEST!!! Waters gushed up! Comes up out of us. Now - glory to cover the earth as the water covers the sea. Eternal well! No contention. Will never be stopped up again. Portal will be open. Safe place. Working with angels. Submit our will centers. Make your thought our thoughts. Mercy - place urgency in those not prepared. One last call. Road to Damascus experience. 

Many here want the answers. How, what, where, when? Silence all those voices. Be like Mary, not like John the Baptist's father. She believed and let the will of the Lord be done. Quit saying... need to do this, have this, I have to measure up, etc... Let His blood and grace take care of it. Today is the day it begins again. Mercies new every day. All He's ever wanted is for a man to believe he's bigger than sin. Humble yourself however necessary. Angels of God are ascending and descending right now. Heaviness - Good. Everyone here has an idea of how it will be. You're all wrong! More wrong than you think. Allow Him to define what eye hasn't seen and ear hasn't heard. John 16. Many things you can't bear yet, to disciples. Revealed that going into tonight you weren't able to bear what He's going to do. Deposits were made tonight. Now you can choose to take the key, open the portal, and receive. you still need to go home, humble yourselves, and choose higher. Came in at 20%, 80% now, still need to get to 100% to be able to receive. What does it look like? What does it look like for mighty Jehovah to change the world from this place? Teach us how to humble ourselves.

Good warfare that needs to be waged with the prophecies. He equips us for victory. 

The culture of honor is the Kingdom of God. 

Hebrews 11. Abraham. Land of promise was foreign to him.

Obedience is an action, humility is an attitude. You can obey without being humble. Humility brings value to what your'e doing in obedience. Valuing His words, thoughts, and ideas over my own. Choose to have the mind of Christ. Humility brings grace.