Kingdom Ownership Part 2
Delivered By
Pastor Bob Petersen and Coach Scott Bailey
Delivered On
May 6, 2012
Kingdom Series


What part do you play?

Four types of people in an organization:

(Taken from the book, “The Power of People” by Dr. Verna Price)

1. Adders: positive, not leader

2. Subtractors: hurt or damage without even knowing they’re doing it

3. Multipliers: continually serve someone else

4. Dividers: intentionally tear apart, very good recruiters


Walt Disney’s view on 3 kinds of people:

1. Well poisoners: negative, no joy, miserable, good recruiters

2. Lawn mowers: mow their lawn whether it needs it or not, do what’s required on their side of the fence, don’t bother anyone else, but if you need them can you trust them?

3. Life enhancer: build you up, joy, hand out compliments, invest themselves in you, make you feel good, in high demand, at all cost – keep them.

Well poisoners cannot stand life enhancers to be successful. It is their goal to tear them down.


Pete Atkins view on 3 kinds of players:

1. Want to be on the team: run through the banner, eat the meal, in picture…add very little to the team, lack of commitment can be contagious. This can include a satisfied senior who decides to coast.

2. Wants to play: concerned with their own stats, position, and themselves. Team is second priority. Double-edged sword for a coach, good enough to help you win games, but if someone else is in the spotlight, he can become a cancer to the team.

3. Wants the team to win: nothing is more important than the team, only stat important is score, play anywhere they are asked, the most difficult player to satisfy because they are always working to improve, championships are won by this group and lost by the first two.


Winning a championship means nothing. It’s absolutely worthless if we lose the game – the game of life. We need to learn how to treat the people around us.